HYD Projects

Living2Eat (2013)

Most people don't know you can be healthier without giving up all the things you love. With millions of fans already following, internationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionists, certified personal trainers and authors, The Nutrition Twins (identical twins Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos-Shames) show us how to eat and feel better -- while still having it all. (HD Video)

Aversion (2011)

Private investigator Alex Stokes takes a case that proves to be his toughest ever. After tailing a beautiful woman who is suspected of cheating on her husband, Alex discovers that she's a demon. This horror/comedy is HYD's first feature film. (Super 16mm)

The Citizen Core (2008)

They're lurking in the shadows, hiding nearby. They want to kill all of us. How can they be stopped? Introducing �The Citizen Core�. Learn how this new organization can protect you in this satirical look at propaganda in the new millennium. (Super 16mm)

Sarah's Demons (2007)

Sarah�s Demons is heavily influenced by the �giallo� films that came out of Italy, where an unknown killer is bent on destroying the protagonist. The small crew and limited budget kept this film very personal, allowing the actors to give natural performances in this unnatural scenario. Edited with longer takes, one is not distracted by rapid cuts. The scenes play out allowing the actors the freedom to play out the scenes in a manner similar to stage. Queens, New York was the location for the entire film. The electronic soundtrack creates an atmosphere that underpins the haunting feeling that pervades this film.(Super 16mm)

The Captain's Guide (2005)

Seven episodes were shot for this spec television program. Watch The Captain visit some of the best and most interesting eateries in Queens, New York. Once there get a cooking exhibition, a tasting and of course The Captain's witty interaction with the sometimes overwhelmed establishment representatives. (Super 16mm/digital video)

DSB Week in Review (2006)
DBB Week in Review
The widely popular web newscast. which was viewed by top professionals in the IT security field. This project lasted for over a year and featured green screen work, multiple hosts, music scoring, graphic design and more. (Digital Video)